e dopo Valentino, STONE(r)

i miei sassi di feltro (o infeltriti), presentati con squisita gentilezza e magnanimità sul delizioso blog The Style Inside sono da oggi in vendita presso la nostra fiorista locale nel suo negozio càdicolor. una bella sensazione, devo dire in tutta onestà!

2 commenti:

style inside ha detto...

Really lovely display of the soft stones on your blog. I forgot to mention that I also saw them all nicely arranged at the lovely flower shop Cadicolor. Your stones are everywhere!!!!! x

Anonimo ha detto...

hello my dear salcottroad, am feeling superduper pleased with myself this evening. We have a dinner invitation and I've had not time to prepare a baked goodie for the hostess - guess what I did instead? I've gone and got myself one your diiiiiviiiiine soft stones and will present it to her with much pomp and circumstance. Gorgeous. The perfect hostess gift. Will let you know just how much she gushed after the event. xxx